#HappyBLISSmas Instagram Challenge

December Photo Challenge Hey friends! With the holiday season officially upon us, we thought it would be fun to celebrate with a little Instagram photo challenge! I’ve created one months worth of prompts, starting this Tuesday December 1st. These prompts were selected as both a fun project to celebrate the start of the holidays and to get to know each other in a meaningful way! I’m hoping that a full month won’t be too overwhelming or exhausting, but let’s just see where the month takes us!  😉

We are kind of new to these photo challenges, but we are supes excited to see the turn out!  This mini Instagram challenge will be a great way for everyone to share a little of their own creativity and to get to know each other through the hashtag! I do hope you’ll join us. 🙂

By the way, the prompts are totally up to your interpretation. Take ’em literally or dream up something wacky. It’s all you! To participate, just follow the prompts and tag your photos with #HappyBLISSmas and @haleysred93.  I’ll be sharing some of my faves from you all on my Instagram, too! I also recommend sharing the image above on your blog and/or Instagram and invite your own followers to join. Let’s make this a fab holiday party! Woo! 😀

Holiday Sales are HERE!

It’s Thanksgiving Week, and we all know what that means, right?  BLACK FRIDAY is just 4 days away!  😉 12247198_10207752493991503_2132363035300103238_n I’ve actually never been a huge fan of Black Friday. I mean . . . let’s spend an entire day focusing on what we’re grateful for and then the VERY NEXT DAY battle it out at the mall?  No thank you!  PLUS, I always (and I mean ALWAYS) prefer shopping online to braving the stores.


That being said, Beachbody is launching Holiday Sales TODAY!  Some of our biggest and best programs are on sale, like Turbo Fire and P90X, and several program and product prices are being discounted up to 75% off retail price.  The sale ends December 1st, but I’m pretty confident that we’re going to sell out much sooner than that!


If you’d like to check out what’s on sale, simply CLICK HERE to peruse the sale items.



Drop a Size – Win a Prize

Interested in shedding 5-15 pounds by Christmas?
We’re running our next transformation group a little bit differently since it is the holidays!  We’ve been told that a little extra motivation is needed this time of year, and we want everyone to look and feel GREAT when we ring in the New Year, so we’re switchin’ it up!

Drop a size - Win a prize!At the end of the November 30 – December 20 group, we’ll be announcing THREE big winners.  Here’s how it’s going to work:

Two Ways to Join (pick ONE):

  1. Purchase a Challenge Pack through me, which will give you a results driven workout and nutrition program to easily follow (don’t you worry, I’ll get you paired up with a program designed to meet your specific needs).
  2. Pay a $10 fee through PayPal to join the group using your own workout and nutrition regimen.




We’ll have 21 days together (virtually, of course).  We will happily provide nutrition, fitness, coaching, and daily personalized tips to keep you on track.  Your level of participation is completely up to you!  That being said, we have found that the more active participants tend to be the challengers seeing the best results.


To Win:

The coaches will select the top 3 winners based on total transformation with clean eating habits, daily check-ins, as well as weight/inches lost.  Submitting transformations photos is HIGHLY recommended (we value your privacy and would NEVER post your picture in a public forum without prior consent).


The Prizes:

1st Prize – Visa Gift Card to purchase New Year’s Eve dress/outfit of choice (value based on number of participants) PLUS Health and Wellness prizes valued at $50

2nd Prize – Health and Wellness Prizes valued at $50

3rd Prize – Health and Wellness Prizes valued at $25

We can’t wait to see everyone annihilate those New Year’s Resolutions before the New Year even begins!

Leave a comment below or send us an e-mail if you’d like to join!



UPDATE:  This challenge has come and gone with several FABULOUS contenders!  Our two top challengers were tied for first place, and remained tied after a tie breaker, so HUGE CONGRATS to Romi and Elizabeth for sharing the 1st AND 2nd place, and also  to Caitlyn for coming in as a close 3rd place victor!  Everyone was so determined and dedicated, and I’m so unbearably thankful for that I was able to be part of your journey.  Keep up the strong work friends!