All Diets Work . . . But Not Always (Just Hear Me Out)

Finding the perfect fitness program isn't easy, but it's possible. Find out how to pick the perfect nutrition and exercise plan to meet your specific needs.

I know what you’re thinking, all diets work?  What magic potion are you drinking?  Here me out on this!

I think I was about twelve years old when I went on my first diet.  I’d like to say that it worked forever and I adopted a new healthy lifestyle during my raging hormonal tween years, but lets be real, did anyone?  The reality is I’ve had an on-again off-again relationship with dieting and fitness for the vast majority of my life, and I loved that every program I signed up for.  Literally, every time I cut carbs or counted calories I lost weight and felt a renewed sense of life and purpose.  The problem was this: every time I cut out carbs or counted calories I eventually uncut carbs or became too busy to track calories.  Inevitably, I would begin to gain weight and thereby lose my newfound confidence.

Finding the perfect fitness program isn't easy, but it's possible. Find out how to pick the perfect nutrition and exercise plan to meet your specific needs. All diets work, but not always.

My theory is this: any time you begin a new health program or fitness routine, you begin paying attention to what you eat and how much you move.  You no longer mindlessly eat whatever comes your way or whatever you have time to grab between appointments.  You plan, you prep, you pave the way towards your own success.  Finally, you take the time to create a meal plan, grocery shop, avoid the chip and cookie aisles, and you are diligent in your plans.

You have become intentional.

There it is!  You are intentional; with your nutrition, with your physicality, and therefore with your life.  The hiccup with most people {myself included} is we gradually become less intentional as time wears on.  Eventually, we lose focus, and we give ourselves allowances.  We run out of time to meal prep, and we convince ourselves that “just this week” we’ll figure out how to grab-and-go in a healthy way.

So, we grab an apple on our way to work, but when lunch rolls around we hear our coworkers are going out to eat.  So maybe “just this once” we’ll join them.  Perusing through the “light” menu, we order a salad or fish {so proud} until we realize someone is celebrating a birthday or a promotion.  We  can’t not order appetizers or desserts (or both!) for the table. We’ll indulge in “just” a few bites . . . then “just” a few more.  After work, we’ll run through the drive-thru “just this once” for a chicken wrap {hey, it’s small!}.  I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.  We play the “just” game until we’ve gained back every pound we lost plus a couple more.  How do we possibly break this cycle?

Finding the perfect fitness program isn't easy, but it's possible. Find out how to pick the perfect nutrition and exercise plan to meet your specific needs. All diets work, but not always.
Photo credit: Gretchen Rubin “Better than Before”

Break the Cycle

If you know me, then you know I am a HUGE Gretchen Rubin fan.  I love how her books and podcasts emphasize the importance of knowing ourselves in order to find true happiness and contentment with our lives.  Through learning more about myself, I discovered that I’m an obliger, a person who responds best with outside accountability.  I’m an abstainer, I can’t just have one potato chip without it leading to an empty bag thirty minutes later.  I’m a lark, I perform best when I’m well rested and wake up early.

Upon learning these things, I discovered that I needed to find a program that gave the obliger in me some outside accountability and allowed me to be strict with my goals without being pressured by the 80-20 rule.  In the very least, I needed a program that offered these options.  And I found it.  I found the solution for me in a bag of nutrient dense powder and six little color-coded containers that come with an incredible support system of like minded friends willing to hold me accountable to the goals I’ve set for myself.

Finding the perfect fitness program isn't easy, but it's possible. Find out how to pick the perfect nutrition and exercise plan to meet your specific needs. All diets work, but not always.

It might not be the program for you (sacrilege, I know!)

I can guarantee you this: there is something that works for you!  I’m confident in this.  I wouldn’t lie to you.  ALL DIETS WORK!  I wasn’t kidding about that.  The first step you need to take (and I’m serious about this) is to learn more about yourself.  What makes you tick?  What triggers your emotional eating?  How are you best held accountable?  What are your favorite types of fitness programs?  How can you create a system to eat more healthfully?

Please take a few minutes and follow the links to Gretchen Rubin’s quizzes and articles above in order to help you get to know yourself better, and comment below with your tendency and how it helps you create a system of success for yourself!  I absolutely LOVE hearing how others are finding ways to implement these systems in their daily lives. I can’t wait to see yours!

Fuel your body. Feed your mind.  Free your soul.

Drop a Size – Win a Prize

Interested in shedding 5-15 pounds by Christmas?
We’re running our next transformation group a little bit differently since it is the holidays!  We’ve been told that a little extra motivation is needed this time of year, and we want everyone to look and feel GREAT when we ring in the New Year, so we’re switchin’ it up!

Drop a size - Win a prize!At the end of the November 30 – December 20 group, we’ll be announcing THREE big winners.  Here’s how it’s going to work:

Two Ways to Join (pick ONE):

  1. Purchase a Challenge Pack through me, which will give you a results driven workout and nutrition program to easily follow (don’t you worry, I’ll get you paired up with a program designed to meet your specific needs).
  2. Pay a $10 fee through PayPal to join the group using your own workout and nutrition regimen.




We’ll have 21 days together (virtually, of course).  We will happily provide nutrition, fitness, coaching, and daily personalized tips to keep you on track.  Your level of participation is completely up to you!  That being said, we have found that the more active participants tend to be the challengers seeing the best results.


To Win:

The coaches will select the top 3 winners based on total transformation with clean eating habits, daily check-ins, as well as weight/inches lost.  Submitting transformations photos is HIGHLY recommended (we value your privacy and would NEVER post your picture in a public forum without prior consent).


The Prizes:

1st Prize – Visa Gift Card to purchase New Year’s Eve dress/outfit of choice (value based on number of participants) PLUS Health and Wellness prizes valued at $50

2nd Prize – Health and Wellness Prizes valued at $50

3rd Prize – Health and Wellness Prizes valued at $25

We can’t wait to see everyone annihilate those New Year’s Resolutions before the New Year even begins!

Leave a comment below or send us an e-mail if you’d like to join!



UPDATE:  This challenge has come and gone with several FABULOUS contenders!  Our two top challengers were tied for first place, and remained tied after a tie breaker, so HUGE CONGRATS to Romi and Elizabeth for sharing the 1st AND 2nd place, and also  to Caitlyn for coming in as a close 3rd place victor!  Everyone was so determined and dedicated, and I’m so unbearably thankful for that I was able to be part of your journey.  Keep up the strong work friends!

The Happiness Project


We have a new, 60 day health challenge on the horizon (beginning October 5th): Healthier and Happier by the Holidays!

If you’re like me, just thinking about the holidays brings on feelings of stress. Sure, it’s a time to celebrate and hang with my favorite people, but it can also be a source of anguish and panic!

Since I started working out regularly and eating clean, I have less stress, more energy, and am more connected to my body than I’ve ever been. One of my main purposes of becoming a health coach was to help people experience similar results.

I am also doing some much needed inner work. Recently a friend of mine recommended “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, and I knew right away that this would be quite an undertaking, and one better done in a supportive environment . . . which lead to the birth of our next health challenge!

How would you like to feel by early December?

Would you like to be working out regularly?

Would you like to be eating well?

Would you like to have more energy?

Would you like to be happier?

If you think you’re up for the challenge, my coach family and I are organizing a “Healthier and Happier by the Holidays” 60-day challenge!
We will be reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project,” working out daily for 30 minutes, and fueling our bodies with clean foods!
Our collective goal is to feel our very best at the time of the year when most people are at their wits end. Don’t your family and loved ones deserve the best version of you? Wouldn’t that be the best possible gift you could give yourself!?
The challenge group will officially kick off on October 5th. The first 5 people to sign up for the challenge will receive a copy of “The Happiness Project” from me! All participants will receive meal plans, shopping lists, motivation, and group support! YAY!
Here’s to a healthier and happier holiday season!