Date Your Spouse
3 No-brainer Tricks to Date Your Spouse

Everyone considers showing love around Valentine’s Day, but how do you date your spouse the rest of the year? Let’s be real, dating your spouse can slowly fall lower and lower on the priority list as the years pass. Between carting the kids around to soccer practice and dance class, tackling the endless loads of laundry (seriously, does it ever end?), and figuring out what to feed your family on a daily basis, who has time to plan and execute those thoughtful nights out like the ones you had when you first started dating? Despite what you see on Facebook or Instagram, the answer is no one. No one HAS the time, but some people MAKE the time, and you can too!

Everyone knows how important it is to continuously reconnect with your partner, but it is easier said than done, amiright? I’ve come up with 3 no-brainer ways to date your spouse (even after kids).

Date Your Spouse Trick #1:

Get Date Box

Date Your Spouse
It’s Time For Your Date

Seriously. We began our Date Box subscription a couple of months after I moved in with my Ginger Fam. Caring for a household with kids was drastically different than the single life of which I was previously accustomed. Even when it wasn’t our week with the girls, we would spend our time catching up on chores or preparing for their return. Our relationship quickly took a backseat, and we knew we needed some accountability.

We signed up for a Date Box subscription and established a two box rule. If we have two unopened Date Boxes we acknowledge we’ve been neglecting our relationship and immediately add a date night to the calendar. When registering, you are and your partner can decide if you prefer to have dates at home, out on the town, or a combination of both. For now, our account is set up to receive in-home date nights (mostly because I’m a total homebody and I set up the account . . . muahaha). That said, each in-home DateBox comes with a Spotify Playlist, an activity and/or game, and conversation starters to truly reconnect with your partner. They’ve been awesome!

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Date Your Spouse Trick #2:

Check Groupon

Groupon: Things To Do

Groupon is my jam. As a self-proclaimed home-body, I’m perfectly content dating at home. My Ginger Man, however, is more of a let’s-get-out-of-the-house kind of guy. This is where I struggle. I have no shame admitting that I lack creativity when it comes to dating outside the box (see what I did there?). Groupon has saved me. There is literally a tab titled “Things To Do” and all sorts of local activities and events pop up. Groupon helped us discover things that we would have never come up with on our own. We found tickets for a local musical, city-wide scavenger hunt, concerts in the park, Go-Kart racing, museum exhibits, you name it!

Date Your Spouse Trick #3:

Just Be Together

Date Your Spouse
Just Be Together

One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years is to relax. With so much going on in our lives, we seem to keep putting pressure on ourselves to make everything grandiose. Birthday parties are elaborate, Halloween costumes are over-the-top, Christmas morning has to be unforgettable, Date Night must be extravagant . . . But does it? Maybe what we need every once in awhile is to get back to basics. Simply devote a couple of distraction-free hours together. Turn off the television, set the phones aside, and just have a conversation. I don’t mean we should never plan a fun or clever Date Night (please see Trick 1 & 2), but every once in awhile its okay to take the pressure off and enjoy a little regrouping.

Anywho, those are just a few tricks that have worked for me and my Ginger Man. What tricks do you have up your sleeve?

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