I know what you’re thinking.  What is this Shakeology thing that has taken Facebook and Instagram by storm?  Has everyone joined a cult?  Is everyone hanging out without me?  Well, maybe . . . but here’s why:

Its the healthiest meal of the day.  Your daily dose of dense nutrition.  What other tag lines am I missing?  No, but seriously, Shakeology is a magic potion of awesome that turns dark days into bright sunshiney ones.  Maybe this short video can explain it a little more eloquently than I can:



Ok, for reals though, you do realize that you would have to make eating vegetables a full-time job in order to consume all of the nutrients available in just ONE Shakeo, right?  Not to mention the cash you’d have to fork out (pun very much intended) to purchase all of these ingredients.



Real talk: I was one of the Shakeo naysayers in the beginning.  My sister wasn’t even a coach and insisted for six months that I try Shakeology before I finally made that lifelong commitment of a 30 day supply.  SPOILER ALERT: it was love at first sip!  I was expecting a chalky, disgusting, “diet drink” but was reluctantly surprised by the glorious flavor that tangoed across my taste buds.


It took about a half a day for me to notice the impact drinking Shakeology and Clean Eating were having on my body and mind.  I could spend all day listing the gains in my life, but I’m sure you don’t have time for that . . . so here are just a few things that I noticed almost immediately: mental clarity, increased energy, missing cravings, and just a general sense of happiness and peace that I hadn’t experienced in a long while.  When I call Shakeology a magic potion, I mean it!


SO, just in case you still have your doubts, here is another not-as-short video for you:



If you still have lingering questions, feel free to send me a message or check out the website.