If you’re anything like me, then you avoid Malls and Outlets like the zombie apocalypse!  There is no sweeter victory than finding a fabulous deal while lying in bed during a Netflix marathon.  Can I get an AMEN?  So, when I discovered ebates, I was ELATED!  This magical cyberland allows you to log in, pick just about any store you’d like, and earn a percentage back on your purchases.  The percentage varies, based on the contract negotiated with each retailer, but who can say no to getting back free money?!?


I was stoked to find that it already listed some of my favorites spending sites: Groupon, Living Social, Target, etc. (can you tell I refuse to pay full price for basically anything?)  My favorite time of year is now the Holidays.  Before I would become physically ill at the thought of barreling through the crowds during the mass hysteria that is Holiday Shopping, but now I get to go shopping from the comfort of my couch for all of my favorite people knowing that I’m getting the best possible deals. The best part is looking forward to the glories of mail day when I open up a “Big Fat Check” for all of my purchases!

living social

If you haven’t yet experienced the wondrous creation called ebates, just click here and join me in the sweet, sweet glories of this magical, virtual land.

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